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About Car-Tech Auctions

Car-Tech Auction, Inc. is an experienced and versatile auto auction in New Jersey that provides dealer auto auctions worldwide.

Our management team has nearly 70 years of combined experience in the  auto auction industry. The combination of our experience, abilities, professional courtesy and hands-on attitude is evidenced by our growing dealer auto auction business.

Dealer Auto Auction Facility
Our facility is located in Freehold, New Jersey. It encompasses a few acres of outdoor storage space. The extensive size of our dealer auto auction facility accommodates wholesale auto auction related activity as well as storage. This assures our clients of an uninterrupted dealer auto auction schedule. Moreover, the protection provided from the elements adds to the value of vehicles sold in our  auto auctions, which works to your benefit.

Our business is successful, and for good reason – we provide wholesale auto auctions online and in person, and we provide full-service care for dealers throughout the process. We would like to make you a part of the Car-Tech family so you can take advantage of our  auto auctions.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our  auto auctions. Our friendly staff is here to help you register today and bid in our next dealer car auction!