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There are no Buy Now vehicles, please check back later.

Car-Tech represents that all vehicles are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" unless otherwise stated, with no express or implied warranty. No responsibility or warranty is made with respect to the accuracy of the information on this sale list. Car-Tech emphasizes to please inspect all vehicles carefully and bid accordingly. Car-Tech reserves the right to reject all bids and ability to negotiate with high bidder. All vehicles purchased and not removed from our facility will remain at Car-Tech at the buyers risk. Car-Tech accepts no responsibilty for claims of theft or damage following the vehicle sale.

To our knowledge, the above representations are correct. Car-Tech Auction, does not guarantee mileage, condition or title status of any vehicle. Please bring to our attention any point of concern or discrepancy regarding any vehicle.

So how does Buy Now work?

Registered buyers will need to first log in. The Buy Now Sale List link is located right on your Main Menu screen. Simply click on the link to access the Buy Now Sale Lists.

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You may browse for vehicle by Yard. Each yard has it's own Buy Now sale list. These sale lists were designed to work the same as the regular sale lists in order to make the process as familar and simple as possible.

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