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Looking to sell your vehicle? At Car-Tech we make is simple! Just complete the online Sell Vehicle Application and click 'Submit'. A representative will contact you shortly with reguards to your vehicle sale! Click the appropriate button below to get started or call 1-800-868-4700!

Private Seller
This is where you can submit your vehicle for inclusion in our sales. Sell your car the professional way right here at Car-Tech. Click PRIVATE SELLER above to submit your vehicle.
Car Dealer
This is where Car Dealers that are registered as such may Sell thier Vehicles with ease in our sales. Click on DEALER above to Login and see just how easy it is to Sell Your Vehicles at Car-Tech.

What is Car Tech Auction?
Car Tech Auction is an automotive whole sale auction that sells to dealers and exporters since 1995. We offer live/internet bidding each week.
How does the Auction process work?
Your vehicle will be driven thru our Sale Lane where dealers online and present Live will bid.
What do I need to sell my vehicle?
You will need a transferrable certificate of ownership(Title) and a completed registration form.
How Do I Sell my vehicle?
You are in complete control of the process. Once the high Bid is received, you will be notified via email or phone with the offer. You can accept or counter the bid. If you are not willing to accept offer you will pick up your vehicle or rerun it the next sale.
What about my title, what happens?
Once you consent to Sale of your vehicle, Car Tech will collect funds and complete title transfer paperwork. Copies of all transactions will be given to you and retained at our facility. Along with the paperwork will be your proceed check for your vehicle.
Benefits of selling at Car Tech Auction vs other car buying places/dealerships?
Maximize your sale Price !! Eliminate the middle man. You will be selling your vehicle the way Dealers/Car buyers do.

  • Convenient and Easy process.
  • Safe- No dealing with strangers on the phone or at your home.
  • Large registered buyer base globally to bid on your vehicles!
  • No advertising cost!
  • Single Fee of $50. Process is handled by Car Tech Auction.