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Dealer Auto Auction Resources

Dealer Auto Auction Resources

Car-Tech Auction specializes in providing dealers with vehicles at their weekly auto auctions and truck auctions. Dealers come to this NJ auto auction with customer requests to fill and Car-Tech makes sure they have the vehicles to satisfy their needs.

Below are links to external sources that pertain to Car-Tech Auction, as well as wholesale auto auctions and truck auto auctions.

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The Auto Guide directory is a large database of information pertaining to everything that deals with automobiles and the automotive industry. From auto auctions and wholesale auto auctions to finding new car specifications and reviews, this directory has the resources to answer your every question.

Cisco Systems, Inc
Cisco Systems, Inc helps companies use networking technology to increase productivity, reduce costs, and create new revenue sources. Their wireless networking products are versatile and can be used in a variety of companies, including dealer auto auctions or auto auctions that have their auto auctions broadcast online.

Although Enterprise was founded as a leasing company, over the years they've created additional services to meet their customers' growing needs. One of the services they have newly established is the sale of their used vehicles. Oftentimes, auto auctions and auto dealer auctions will be involved in the sales process for Enterprise's fleet of used cars.

Galves Auto Price List
Galves Auto Price List is an accurate and reliable price guide to help dealers function effectively in the rapidly expanding marketplace. The price list a tool that many used car dealers, auto auctions, wholesale auto auctions and other dealers use on a daily basis in order to ensure they are selling at the right price to keep up with market demands.

HP is a technology solutions provider that offers global services for business and home computing, imaging and printing. HP servers can be used in a variety of businesses including car dealerships that specialize in auto auctions and truck auctions as well as other retail operations and all small to large businesses in need of their business solutions.

Wheels For Wishes is a vehicle donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish. At no charge, vehicles are picked up or towed away and earned proceeds from auctioned or recycled vehicles benefit Make-A-Wish. Donors also receive a great tax deduction for their charitable car donation. Our URL is and our phone number is 1-877-431-9474.

Microsoft is the world's best known and widely used computer technology company with numerous applications for businesses, including various software and internet services. Many companies utilize their software products and internet technologies on an everyday basis, like auto auctions who use the software to broadcast their live auto auctions on the internet.

National Auctioneers Association
The NAA is an organization dedicated to exposing and supporting auctioneers and auction houses throughout the country. Some members would include, auto auctions, NJ auto auctions and any other auction located in the United States.

Vehicle Donation Processing Center 
The Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. is the industry leader in car donations, boat donations and other types of property donation to non-profit organizations nation wide.
Donate my car in New Jersey.

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