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Take a Virtual Tour of our website. Our wholesale auto auction specialists are ready to answer any dealer auto auction questions you may have. Just call us at 1-800-868-4700 or email us to find out more about our auto auctions.

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Once you are a registered dealer with Car-Tech, you may login to use the system resources whenever you like. When Logging-In, you will need the UserID and Password you created when you filled out the on-line application. The UserID and Password are case-sensitive so be sure to enter them just as you entered them on the application.

To login, from the main web page ( click on 'Dealer Login' in the Dealer’s Corner. This will bring you to the Login Page (below) where you will enter your UserID and Password then click the 'Login' button. If you have entered the proper information, you will be logged in and the Main Menu Page will be displayed.


Join an Auction:

With just a click you can join an auction and place your bids along with the Live sale. Our bidding system works with any modern browser on PC/MAC/Tablet and will work on most devices.

Join an Auction

Sale Lists:

Car-Tech’s sale list has been designed to enhance the viewing of the vehicle photos and to display important detail information.

Sale List

Sorting the Sale List:

Each column can be sorted to better view the sale list. For example, you may sort by: Year, Make, Model, Title, Damage, etc. When you click on any column heading, the Sale List will be sorted in ascending order. Clicking on the same column heading a second time will sort the list in descending order.

You may wish to view a list of specific vehicles by a single manufacturer. To do this, click on the arrow next to the word 'ALL' and a drop down list of vehicle manufacturers will appear. Click on a 'Vehicle Manufacturer' and a new sale list will appear showing only those vehicles in the sale.

Viewing the Vehicle Detail:

When you click on a stock number of a vehicle on the sale list, a Vehicle Detail Page will appear. After reviewing the detail photos you may click the 'Previous' or 'Next' buttons to scan through the Vehicle Detail Pages without having to go back to the Sale List.

Vehicle Detail

Watch List/Static Bidding:

Adding a vehicle to the Watch List may be done from the Vehicle Detail Page. Click on the 'Add to Watch List' button or the 'Enter a Bid' button and the vehicle will be moved to the watch list. At this time, you may also place a Static Bid on the vehicle.

Remove Items – You may remove an item from your Watch List at any time. Click on the box in the 'Remove' column for each vehicle you wish to remove. Then click the 'Remove Items' button. Please note, you cannot remove a vehicle if you have placed a bid on it. All vehicles on your Watch List will be purged at the end of the day, on the date of sale.

Place a Static Bid on a vehicle - Enter the bid amount in the Bid Box then click on the 'Submit Bids' button. You may enter bids on several vehicles and click the Submit Bids button once. The results of your bids will be displayed with color coded vehicle detail lines, data field updates, information messages and color coding of the Bid Box.


Static Bid Results:

Successful Bid - When you have placed a successful bid on a vehicle, the vehicle detail line will become green. The 'Your Bid' amount and the 'High Bid' amount will also be filled in.


Unsuccessful Bid - The system will notify you if you have not placed a successful bid by highlighting the Bid Box in yellow and displaying a message in red above the heading.


Check your bidding periodically – If another buyer places a higher Static Bid on one of your 'Watched' vehicles, that vehicle detail line will become red. The 'High Bid' amount will be displayed and you may enter a higher bid.


My Account:

You can get a complete account summary by clicking on 'My Account'. This will display all of the vehicles you have purchased. Fees and totals are all displayed. Your account summary is available for download here. You may also send an email with the complete set of vehicle images.

My Account

Use the 'Vehicle History' tab to display your vehicle history.

My Account

Use the 'Absent Titles' tab to display any vehicles that have an Absent Title.

My Account

Buy Now:

View the current Buy Now Sale List. Find a vehicle you would like to Buy Now and complete the purchase immediately. All vehicle details and images may be viewed before purchase.

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